Aka-Kon 2000
Enerjak's First Anime Convention
November 26th, 2000
Updated March 8th, 2001

Enerjak dressed as Reno.. but here.. Umm.. I took off my jacket 'cuz it was hot.. O_x;

Wow. That's absolutley frightening.
To all who heard me singing to Rhythm Emotion by Two Mix on Day 1, I'm very sorry. X_x;;

I had the BEST time at this kon. Here's a list of some of the stuff I did...some of the stuff I got.. ^^


J-pop room
Went in and out.. and I drew a crowd as I karaoked to Two-Mix's Rhythm Emotion.. ^^

Panel Room 2
I was in a 1 hour discussion with Tiffany Grant (English Asuka Langley Soryu voice) about Voice Acting. Very cool!

Comics Room
Got some catalogs and flyers and free postcards! ^^

Dealers Room
My fav.! I got some pretty cool stuff I'll post in a second.

The Waiting Line
Spent about a good hour and a half in it! XD

Opening Ceremony
Tell you the truth, kinda boring. Animated Aka Chan was only 30 seconds long! But very casual with a couple of dirty jokes.

Walked about 10 minutes in the rain with Sierra, UK and Brando-chan to eat 2 apple pies. WAII!

Games/Video Games
Didn't spend too much time in there.. but I drew myself and rabid jellyfish on some board they had in there! Hee hee. I played Mario for Nintendo. That was FUN.

Junk I bought

Rurouni Kenshin handkerchief
WeiB Kreuz poster (nice paper, too!)
WeiB Kreuz Shitajiki
Vash the Stampede laminated card
Iori Yagami laminated card

Stuff My Friends bought

Brando-chan: Xenogears Perfect Works book
Sierra: Angel Sanctuary art book
the UK: 2 KKNJ Manga

I also met, now a REALLY good friend of mine, Katharine Teel. She's the best! She bought so much stuff!
And her site has a huge, awesomely descripted synopsis of the kon. So if you want that information, 
please go here. To her site.

Isn't that special. ON WITH THE PICS!
*new pictures* These are the photos I took while at the Convention. 
Thanks Brando-chan for lending them to me so I could scan them!


Katharine Teel

AKA CHAN the mascot


J-GAR as KAMUI from X1999

LT. NOIN from Gundam Wing